Cook book: How to Cloud Print Zebra Labels from Power Automate Flow

For one of our customers we build a Canvas app to scan QR codes during events. On each scan a label has to be printed for the batch of de attendees. Because we cannot connect the device to the printer, so cloud printing is the obvious solution. For printing we choose a Zebra ZD421 Label […]

Tip: Check flow status and run fails

For several of my customers I need to monitor if flows fail or are being set to the disabled state. For example if a solution import of flows fails. Till now this is not default functionality in Microsoft Automate, so has to be custom developed. I use a flow for this, the periodacaly checks if […]

Tip: Convert JSON attribute list to object in Automate Flow (WooCommerce and Magento API)

When getting data from a WooCommerce, Magento or whatever form API, all fields and values are returned in a (generic) attribute list format. Like from a contact form: To pull each individual field out of this list and store it in Dataverse (for example) can be done with the Filter Array data operation. For a […]

Tip: How to start a Automate Flow with a Button in a Model Driven app

In some cases, I want to start a Automate Flow from a Button in a Model Driven App. A really nice method is using the Ribbon Workbech. With this tool you can create a button in the top ribbon, or a sub view ribben which starts a Automate Flow. An explanation of this can be […]

How to start a Microsoft Automate Flow synchronous from Model Driven App (is it possible?)

In all my projects I come to the point where I want the user to wait for a flow to end ór get notified if so. Where is the possibility to start a flow synchronous, like when using workflows? Spoiler alert; I haven’t found a way to start Microsoft Automate flows synchronously from a Model […]

Tip: Power Automate Catch All Error handling in flows

Unfortunately it is not possible to get a notification immediately after any flow has failed. If you want to get notified, you have to catch error messages from each action in the flow.

Tip: Power Automate – Update lookup value that might be null in CDS Current Environment

When updating rows using the CDS Current Environment Connection lookup values must be proceeded with the entity name for the reference. For example; But what if the ID is empty? In that case an error wil occur because the reference is null.

Tip: Dynamics CE – Missing Advanced Find button/icon in top navigation

After upgrading our Dynamics environment to the new Unified Interface, the Advanced Find button/icon in the top navigation was missing:

Tip: Microsoft Flow – How to compare dates

Use the Ticks function to compare dates with each other. For example calculating the number of days between two dates, you should convert the dates to Ticks first, subtract these from eachother and convert the result to the number of days back again.

Tip: Microsoft Flow – Filter query for CDS records

How to define the filter on CDS records? With the FetchXML builder from the XRMtoolbox! There is a dropdown “View” available containing a “Flow list parameters” option. Selecting this option shows the Flow list parameters that suit the query that you have build.

Tip: Microsoft Flow – Check whether a field is empty

If you want to check whether a field is empty when it comes from CDS, you should use the Empty function. And because empty is a function that refers to a object ,array or string, you need to convert the value to a string first. So for example:

Tip: Microsoft Flow – How to round a decimal

When using prices, for example when calculating invoice lines, it is important to round the numbers before you make a total calculation. To prevent a difference in the calculated total (if this is a float) and the actual sum of all lines.

Tip: Microsoft Flow – Retreive just one record from CDS

If you want to retreive and use the contents of just one record from CDS, not knowing the GUID. You always have to use the “List records” action in Flow. For example when you want to retreive the account record with accountnumber 123, you will use 123 as the filter in the “List records” action. […]

Connecting Google Dialogflow with Microsoft Flow (without coding)

Everyone who has experimented with Google voice dialogs might experience that there is no out of the box way to connect the Google dialogs with automation software. There are a lot of programming opportunities in Dialogflow, but building a automation solution without coding seems to be difficult.